The Wardens

Known Wardens:

Like much else in this world, a lot of the Wardens and their history is shrouded in uncertainty. Unheard from for the last 23 years, they’ve recently reformed, though only a single base is currently active.

An ancient organization, the Wardens can trace their founding back hundreds of years ago. During The Green Massacre they lost over 70% of their ranks, and those left were too scattered and damaged to continue their operations.

Within the last year they’ve reformed, spurred by Darrell and two other, currently unknown Wardens.

The Wardens are heroes of the people, considering themselves mediums between humanity, magic, and nature. While some think them nefarious or hiding some sort of dark inner workings, most people see the Wardens as do-gooders! They want to learn, to understand, to aid, to help, to fix, to clean up, and to heal.

The world needs them now more than ever. There’s whispers of abnormalities springing up again. Tales of wildfire and flames that dance on their own, lightning creeping indoors, mud and clay shaping itself, and more have those in the know worried.

It seems something might be on its way again, just like before.

The Wardens

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