The Green Massacre

Little is known about The Ancient World. Basic knowledge states that some massive, catastrophic elemental event on a grand, magnificent scale wiped away almost all life at the time. It is referred to as The Cataclysm. Few things still remain, and there are a number of people that fear another grand calamity might befall humanity at some point in the near future.

A long while after The Cataclysm, life started to develop again. Societies began to rebuild and flourish, despite the looming potential of doom at literally any moment. Still, people were not completely safe. This constant, nagging fear drove people to do plenty of terrible things, including the most massive tragedy since The Cataclysm itself.

Intermittently, natural abnormalities would spring up. Some causing death and destruction, others distant enough in lightly populated areas to just be perplexing. Fire, water, air, earth, animals, plants— nothing would behave properly during these events, some elements even turning hostile or sentient. A few of those abnormalities birthed what most people can only refer to as demons, running in fear from the strange, unfathomable beings born from these dissonant energies.

It’s that fear that The Council wanted to remedy. A group with representatives from each race and each major city, there were plenty of voices present during every Council meeting to debate what should be done. Not only about the ignorance and terror, but also about the disasters themselves. Over time, based off of keen observation and notes, it seemed that the disasters were growing in scale and increasing in frequency.

The decision was made— or perhaps, sealed— 24 years ago. The last 50 years saw increasing deaths and property damage from these aberrations, or demons, or gremlins, or devils— whatever they were— and they seemed concentration in whatever natural location they spawned in. They were always cloaked in fire, shrouded in darkness, brimming with water, and it’s the command and almost entire existence on the elements that had an accusatory finger pointing towards The Council’s unfortunate scapegoat.

The Wood Elves.

The people were superstitious at the time, and whispers and rumours of the world ending were only gaining traction. It was easy to point fingers at the Wood Elves.
Many of The Council members tried to reason things out instead of jumping to conclusions..though many of those reasons were also conclusions on their own. This could be a product of a change in the planes, perhaps, or something to anger the Gods that was done, or sins that were committed, or karma for a number of other things, or perhaps an inevitable ending of the world itself because how long is the lifespan of the Earth, even?

Discussion for action to be taken lasted months. Overall opinion and stances were divided, though not evenly. Most Council members reasoned that one thing, more than anything else, could be upsetting nature. Something that would upset nearly anyone if they lost it.


Who had control over nature and the elements more than anyone else? Who changed these things on the regular, bending plants and animals to their will? Who encouraged the manipulation of nature and the world around them and trained and nurtured Druidic habits and ancient, sometimes barbaric customs?

Allegedly, there was research done afterwards to try to substantiate such an outlandish claim. Apparently maps were made of the abnormalities and it was found that they occurred in a denser cluster around Wood Elf encampments. The numbers of population growth within the Wood Elves within the past handful of years allegedly aligned with the increase in accidents and freak, elemental occurrences.

The Wood Elves, after all, were savages. Barbarians. They were going to doom the entire world if they weren’t exterminated. The Council fought, and then the races fought, and then the world fought.

Ultimately, The Green Massacre was a shameful success.

The Green Massacre

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